Monday, February 13, 2006

An Early Night

It's gonna be an early night for me. I left comments for those of you (TVG, Tasha Smasha, Marquita) who left them for me, so go back to the old posts and click on comments.

Hey AP, I'm waiting on you to update your blog. I need that inspirational fix!

I hope you guys have a restful night. My day was okay. Today my plastic surgeon informed me that my insurance doesn't cover the surgery for my keloids. And I visited with my primary care physician about my keloid pain and low iron. He told me that I need some sleep and sent me for some blood work. He also informed me that I might battle this iron problem for the rest of my life. Thanks, Doc! But he did say he was going to write a strongly worded letter to my insurance company about how much pain I'm in.

Anywho, that's about enough for one day. Kathy (my wonderful therapist) is in Mexico for a wedding, so we won't meet until next week. I'm gonna miss our weekly visit. I hope that by the time we meet, I will have many stories about how I've managed my stress well.

Oh, Kessa! Thank you for the Valentine's Day card. Isom and I were thrilled to receive it. We are happy to be loved by you! Smooches!

I don't know if you guys noticed, but I've added a link (look to the left) to my blog called The Muscadine Vine. Right now, all I have listed is a book for sale.

Nite Nite. You guys think of me as I will be thinking of you. My life wouldn't be as fulfilling without your presence--even if some of you never leave me comments! LOL!