Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thirty-Ish: Part Two

The setting: A roomful of 30-something-year-old women.

Action: Linda stands up, wringing her hands.

Dialogue: Hi, my name is Linda, I'm 30-ish, welcome to the world of crazy. For weeks now, my 4-year-old had kindly been bringing me my toothbrush every morning, right after I get out of bed. And this morning I reallly had to go to the mean, bathroom, so I couldn't wait on him. As I walked into the bathroom, I caught him gently swooshing my toothbrush around in the toilet bowl before applying the toothpaste. (**Linda turns and faces Miss Nikki Ann**) And yes, Miss Nikki Ann, I am on Prozac and have a tendency to share my medications with any needy mom. Call me if you need to, girl. And tell your father I said great job on letting Sir run like a crazy person into a road that could have easily been filled with racing cars and ice cream trucks.

To be continued...

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