Sunday, February 19, 2006

A.P. Manque

A.P. is one of our friends here at Miss Nikki Ann's House. A lot of you may have seen comments that she's left. I just want to turn the spotlight on this talented woman. She and I have never met, but I feel a kindred spirit in her. Her writing flows across the page and makes you forget that you are only seeing mere letters and words. Her poetry... Hmmmmm... Her poetry moves you in unmentionable ways. Her last poetic installment was a comedic freestyle verse about the Weekend. Aptly named, Ode to the Weekend, it is a poem that helped me laugh and down shift gears, from a hectic week to a calm weekend. Her previous poems are more about "matters of the heart." I think love is one of her strong points, and her verse proves just that.

So please, I'd like to introduce you all to A.P. Manque. You can click on the following link to be directed to her page. And once you're there, scroll down to find some of her earlier poetic installments--you won't be disappointed.