Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Coretta Scott King 1927-2006

As I'm typing this post, I'm watching Coretta Scott King's memorial service. Mayor Shirley Franklin of Atlanta is speaking. She said, "I am here because they lived. And I am here because they struggled." She spoke of Coretta's strength, not as a wife, but as a mother. Hmmm...Mother. Beautiful.

I had to take yesterday off from posting. My mind and body were, and in some way, still are, drained.

Super Bowl was fun and the food was overwhelming. In the end, Thembi's cake was awesome, and as of this moment, there's only a small hunk left. I did win $25 in the 2nd quarter. Yea for me!!!!

For those of you who gave a donation to the ABCD Center, I need you to mail me your addresses so that I can get them to Erica.

Right now, I'm doing some thinking. Trying not to be too hasty in my actions. I'm going to give myself more time to ponder before making any moves.

Anywho, just wanted you guys to know that I'm here. I'll post again later.

And let me give a random shout out to my best friend Kirk!! They've been working his butt of at his job. I can remember when Kirk and I would chat for 2 hours on the phone while we were working. I mean, we'd be talking about absolutely nothing! He's a computer engineer, and I'd often wondered if he actually did any work. Now that they've got his colored butt working for that money, I'm pretty sure he'd rather be having meaningless conversations with me. LOL

Kirk and I have this way of laughing over silence. The silence is because we both know we ain't got a bit of sense--not one bit. Kirk's wife, Nuchette, is pregnant. And this baby couldn't have picked a better set of parents. His/her life will be filled with lots of love and more laughter than you can imagine.

I'm off. Take care.