Friday, February 10, 2006

Just Thinking...

We want new, spectacular homes, and we get them.

We want new, better clothes, and we get them.

We want more, more money, and we get it.

We want more, more friends and we get them.

We want a better education, and we get it.


We want our children to have more than we had, and they get it.

We want to drive better cars, and we get them.

We want better everything, and we get it.


What is wrong with who we are and what we already have?

Trust me, the things that you have were once things you wanted.

There's nothing wrong with wanting more and getting more.

The problem is when you don't live in the moment and enjoy all of this "more" that you've obtained.

So, when you get in your CAR after work and turn on your RADIO; and you look in the mirror at your freshly done HAIR; and you drive home to your HOUSE filled with your beautiful life and material things; don't go inside and start bitchin'. For once. Just tonight. Sit back and watch your "crazy" kids or your "irksome" lover, and appreciate that these were once things you would have died to have.

When you feel like complaining about how filthy your house is, indulge in the memory of what it took to obtain that house. Relax and enjoy the life you've created--even if it SEEMS to be in shambles. Give your mind a minute to slow down and orient on the "now." You've worked hard to earn it/create it, and you deserve it. Chill out and have a wonderful Friday evening.

Miss Nikki Ann (who went to bed early Thursday night, but is still tired, and is finding it easy to enjoy this sunny day.)