Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello Blog

I thought it important to stop by and see how you (the blog) are doing.  Let's face it, since falling ill with various (basically, too many to mention) dysautonomias...what?...3 years ago now?, I had found it accordingly difficult to write.  So many neurological issues and medications that lead to total and utter brain fog and inability to stay focused on tasks.  I had always prided myself on my ability to focus.  I am a listener by nature and love to...listen.  I never lost focus in school nor college courses because of my gift to not get bored when someone is talking.  I mean...I could sit for hours listening to lectures.  But now?  Shiiiiiiit!  My attention span and mental processing skills rival that of a gnat.  I have absent seizures where I come-to and realize that Sir (my 7yo son) has done stuff that I was totally unconscious of WITH my eyes wide open.  But those things come with my illnesses (yes, plural), and I am finally three years into adjusting, which makes talking to you, blog, more doable. 

So, I hope you are well.  Your sitemeter tells me that you have many visitors each day; it makes me happy to know that you have gone ahead with your life inspite of my not being here to help you.

Blog, my advice to you...

"Be good.

Be patient.

Be in the moment.

Be happy to have readers."


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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Preakness 137: The Contenders | 2012 Preakness

My bet is on I'll Have Another.
PPSilkHorseOwnerTrainerJockeyBreederMorning Line
Tiger WalkSagamore FarmIgnacio Correas IVRamon DominguezRiver Bend Farm30-1
Teeth of the DogJ. W. SingerMichael MatzJoe BravoRoyal Pegasus15-1
PretensionKidwells Petite StableChristopher GroveJavier SantiagoSequel Thoroughbreds and A. Lakin & Sons30-1
ZetterholmWinter Park PartnersRichard Dutrow Jr.Junior AlvaradoAnthony Grey20-1
Went the Day WellTeam Valor International and Mark FordH. Graham MotionJohn R. VelazquezJames Patrick Delaney6-1
Creative CauseHeinz SteinmannMike HarringtonJoel RosarioJames C. Weigel6-1
BodemeisterZayat Stables and Southern Equine StableBob BaffertMike SmithAudley Farm, Inc.8-5
Daddy Nose BestBob and Cathy ZollarsSteven AsmussenJulien LeparouxPatricia Ann Elia Trust12-1
I'll Have AnotherJ. Paul ReddamDoug F. O'NeillMario GutierrezHarvey Clarke5-2
OptimizerBluegrass HallD. Wayne LukasCorey NakataniBluegrass Hall30-1
CozzettiAlbaugh Family StablesDale RomansJose LezcanoSoc. Agr. Santa Elena De Chimbarongo30-1

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sir: Explained

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My Mother's Day Gift to Myself and My Motherly Viewers

I am treating myself to Satsang with Mooji as my Mother's Day gift to myself! And I share it with all mothers out there. I love you all. Moms rule!!!!! Hells yeah!!!
Live broadcast by Ustream

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

MissNikkiAnn Supports: CT Seven Sisters (@womenwill)

Interdependence Day Is On Its Way

The following email was recently sent to our supporters.  If you are interested in our Interdependence Day, please contact Cassie at for more information.
~Seven Sisters

To kick off a season of resistance to the oligarchy, the seven sisters are gathering together all those throughout the state of Connecticut and beyond who sympathize with the international Occupy movements, all those who experience hardship at the hands of the oligarchy.

We declare Saturday, June 16th, 1-5pm @ Bushnell Park, “Interdependence Day,” a day for families, friends and citizens to gather together in recognition of their resistance to the oligarchy for a potluck in the park, featuring music, speakers, and information tables.  When the uber-rich are threatened, they show police force, so when the people are threatened, it’s time to show people force.  Let’s show the powers that be that we have numbers.  Let’s demonstrate to ourselves that we have power

For the past three months we have organized within Hartford, Bridgeport and Waterbury.  Now that we have a permit, it’s time to push our organizing into overdrive, and for that, we need YOU!

We are asking of you the following:

1.       Organize your community/neighborhood,
2.       Identify the immediate needs and concerns of your community,
3.       Locate speakers that can speak to those needs,
4.       Suggest bands for the event,
5.       Arrange carpools and/or buses, and
6.       Be at Bushnell Park on Saturday afternoon, June 16, 2012.

Please respond to this email in the affirmative if you are able to organize your community and attend. 

If you decide to participate, and in preparation for the big day, we will convene conference-call “town halls” for the day of May 16th in every place where we are organized to see how each of us can contribute to making this event a success.  You will be receiving more information on the town halls in future emails.

Also, depending on your social media needs and preferences, feel free to:

Various groups and Occupies are planning direct actions throughout the state for the spring and summer.  By gathering together for one day, in numbers, we can fuel our momentum for the season.

“Let’s show the oligarchy that we have power in numbers.”  ~Seven Sisters

Typing Test Addict

Hello, my name is MissNikkiAnn, and I am a typing addict, doing it for the heck of it.  It is a passion.  Has been since I got my first "typewriter" in 5th grade in the early 1980s.

missnikkiann's typing test WPM

I type every single day.  And if I did not, I do not think that I would be as calm and sane as I am.  My fingers hit the keys with a force that feels as if I am releasing a great burden.  But even if I could not type for lack of proper equipment, I would be just as passionate about and drawn to taking pencil or pen to paper every single day (I've been there and done that, too.).  

So, yeah, the issue is really about the words.  And it has nothing to do with the writing being sensible; I am just as happy typing/writing a single word over and over again (I do that a lot) or typing/writing out my favorite quotes and song lyrics.

And if I had not a single, external physical tool, I would write in my mind (as I often do and always have done).

So, yeah, it's about expression.  And no matter what shape or form it takes, we all have our ways of doing it.

Me...I like to type.

~MissNikkiAnn, typing enthusiast