Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kathy's Back

Hi. What are you guys up to? Me, I'm packaging eBay items and packing Isom's clothes for the trip. I've allotted myself 3 days to pack--I hate packing. I get so worked up from the packing process that I start having mini anxiety attacks. There's something about all those tiny pieces that I need to pool together in an orderly fashion--man, it gets to me.

In 1998 I'd decided that I needed to become a minimalist, as far as packing was concerned. In the past, my packing had been out of control, and I'd haul 3 bags for a weekend trip. One time, Jessica and I decided to backpack around Florida--to the Keys & Miami. We were gonna take Greyhound and stay in hostels and stuff. I had recently shaved my relaxed hair off, and was sporting a short do (if I find a picture from the trip, I'll post it). It was hot as hell in Florida, and I can remember our agonizing over what to pack. We had tons and tons of bags, but we refused to leave anything behind--I mean, you'd never know what ya' might need, ya' know? We wound up with these huge pieces of luggage and we were carrying the kitchen sink. This is the trip where we coined the phrase: bourgeois Backpacking, for those sistas who want the experience of backpacking, but don't want to suffer fashionably for it. We ran across lots of other backpackers sporting just that, backpacks! But not us, we just had to have it all. You can only imagine our horror and frustration as we tried to lug that mess around in 100 degree temperatures. It was sick!

Erica & Maria, do you remember when we were studying abroad in Costa Rica and I'd be the Suburbanite hauling loads of stuff for our weekend excursions to the beach?

Wait a minute! Erica, I remember when you said you spotted me on the plane in Miami headed for Costa Rica and you were wondering who that fool was with all of that stuff! LOL

Anywho, over the years I'd learned how to travel with one mini, rolling piece of luggage and my purse (I've been to all sorts of exotic ports with that one, tiny rolling bag). But now that I have Isom, that idea has been thrown out of the window. I'm back to toting my whole life on the road. Actually, I still only pack a few interchangeable items for myself, it's Sir Isom's stuff that takes up all the space. I guess since he's royalty, he needs it all: high chair (yes, we travel with his high chair), mesh incline for baths, clothes-clothes-clothes (you know royalty change outfits a few times a day), playpen, soft baby towels, grooming products, baby spoons and bowls, baby food (I make baby food when I'm home, but I buy prepackaged stuff for the road), bottles for his water, breastpump, breastmilk storage bags...

Phew! You get the gist.

Anywho, Kathy's back and I'll visit with her today for the last time. **sigh** I am looking forward to this visit, as much as I'm dreading the end of our time together. Well, I must go and get ready for our 3:30 appointment.

Oh, I FINALLY got my hair cut and my brows waxed! See!

I'll chat with you all later.