Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I Can't Flippin' Believe It

Today, Mom and I heard gunshots. I ran to the door, looked towards the cemetery, and noticed that it was just part of a burial service.

Speaking of gunshots, Paul was telling me that these "so-called" gangstas have really taken gunshots to the next level. His neighbor has a car with 8 fake bullet holes plastered on it.

**Nikki sighs**

People, people, people! Please tell me what is happening with the youth today. Never in a million years would we have thought to do something so silly and STUPID.

I said it.


Come on now! And the sad part is that some young girl is gonna watch this fool drive up in that atrocious thing and think that it looks "fly." His mama needs to pull him aside and run "20 Questions" on his butt:

1. Fool, didn't I raise you better than that?

2. Who do you think you are, Al Pacino or something?

3. And if you are Al Pacino, can I borrow a million dollars?

4. And anyway, don't you owe me some money? If you got money to buy fake bullets, then you got money to pay me back.

5. Why is it that you don't have food in the refrigerator, but you got money for foolishness?

6. Didn't the cops pull you over last week for expired tags?

7. You must be on "that stuff?"

8. I see you bought bullet holes, but did you buy your school books, yet?

9. Do you have bullet holes in your head? Cause it seems like all of your brains have fallen out!

10. Can I see your birth certificate? You can't possibly be my son.

11. Didn't I tell you about watching that MTV and BET?

12. Whatever happened to that nice Christian girl you were dating?

13. Do you have to wear your pants down to your ankles? Nobody wants to see the crack of your ass!

14. You got platinum teeth!? Like I said, when you gonna pay me back that money you owe me!

15. Moet and Cristal, are those the girls you took to junior and senior prom?

16. You don't have a job, but you have a car?

17. Are you selling "that stuff?"

18. I know you don't expect me to pay your car insurance?

19. You must think I was born yesterday?

20. Fool, you must have lost the 2 cents you were born with?

**Nikki shakes her head**

Fake bullet holes. Just when I thought I'd heard it all. I can't flippin' believe it.

If you've spotted something recently, or in the past, that you can't "flippin' believe," either leave a comment about it or email me.