Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Find You Guilty of Peeing, Pooping and Sleeping

i think it absolutely absurd how much i think i can do in one day

the demands are high

the actual accomplishments, typical

and on a typical day, i won't even put into action 1% of my brainstorms/brain farts

i will probably only attend to my basic needs: eat, drink, pee, poop, sleep

there will be moments in the day where i will believe that





and sleeping

are not big enough accomplishments for my theoretical superhuman abilities

but my accomplishing those not big enough things makes me a winner at being human

at odd times, i am a recipient of life's and mother nature's serendipitous--seemingly magical and miraculous--moments, most of which won't even register with my tiny brain cells because i will be appropriately and understandably occupied with

and sleeping.

but that one serendipitous moment (or, finally, one brainstorm) that is made manifest will make me feel as if i, indeed, had been living as a superhuman all along

and that glimpse of magic will almost instantly, and surely innately, be pushed aside by my dire need to take a poop, a pee and a nap--waking later to feel hungry and thirsty

and then eventually (and again), hungering and thirsting for my once momentarily vivid superhuman abilities

"Be good.  Be patient.  Be around-the-clock tending to your body's needs."

Charcoal Donut, Anyone?

Why...thank you.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wadjda: The Movie Trailer

Saudi Arabia Addresses Egypt and the World

The Saudi statement:

"We have followed with deep sorrow the events taking place in our second homeland, the brotherly Arab Republic of Egypt; events which only please enemies of Egypt's stability and security and its people, but at the same time pain all those who love Egypt and care for its stability and unity which are, today, targets for all evil wishers.

This attempt to unsettle Egypt’s unity and stability - carried out by the ignorant, the inadvertent, or the mindful of the enemies’ design - will, God willing, be fruitless.

The people of Egypt, Arab and Muslim nations, the honorable Ulema, intellectuals, writers, and all sensible people [are] to stand united with one heart in facing attempts to destabilize a country which historically has always been at the forefront of Arab and Muslim nations; honorable people should not maintain silence on and be heedless of what is going on.

The people and government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stood and still stand today with our brothers in Egypt against terrorism, extremism and sedition, and against whoever is trying to interfere in Egypt's internal affairs and in its determination, power and legitimate right to deter every spoiler or whoever misleads the people of Egypt.

Let it be known to those who interfered in Egypt’s internal affairs that they themselves are fanning the fire of sedition and are promoting the terrorism which they call for fighting.

I hope they will come to their senses before it is too late; for the Egypt of Islam, Arabism, and honorable history will not be altered by what some may say or what positions others may take.

Egypt will be able, with the grace and might of God, to pass into the land of safety; and then those will realize the wrong they committed when it is too late to show regret."