Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

So all is well.  Sir was blessed with so many material things this Christmas season.  But more than anything, he showed me time and time again how awesome and natural it is for children to surrender to their Spirit.  Homeboy can recite The Lord's Prayer better than some adults.  And not only can he recite prayer, but he can give awesome prayer straight from his own heart and soul.  And that's MORE than a mother could ask for this Christmas season.  So I am blessed.  Cause to me, Christmas is about children, youth and birthing.  It's a season where we all (even non-Christians) recall and live within the story of the baby Jesus being born.  And of physically reenacting how he received gifts from men.  I am filled.  And I am filled that you were able to come to this page today and witness how awesome God has been to me and mine.  Amen.

Below is a link to one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors, Marianne Williamson.  Many of you may recall how I once did my own voice-over/audio recordings of some of her work.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


You will begin to notice that I've incorporated ads into my blog.  I decided on this after a conversation with my doctor about how frustrated I am about my finances due to not receiving Long Term Disability, Unemployment or anything else at this time.  In the conversation I said:  "I'm so frustrated that I almost want to put paid ads on my blog."  To this she replied:  "What's so wrong about that?"  I didn't have an answer.  Not one thought came to mind.  And when there's no answer, there should be a try.  So here's my try.  Bare with me.

*Please note that all products are things that I've read or are by my favorite authors, like the following by Neale Donald Walsch.  

Friday, December 17, 2010

I Tried…

but yesterday didn’t go as planned.  I was stricken with pain not long after my video post, so I was unable to make the cookies.  But we did get the haircuts.  Today I have lots of craziness going on, and the pain has not let up.  I’m taking prescription strength pain meds on top of the other medication that is supposed to help control my pain that is triggered by my nervous system. 

I’m medicated the fuck up! 

Sir has another school Christmas program today (that’s what happens when you send your child to a Christian (not Catholic, CHRISTIAN) private school--they reserve the right to have 5 million programs when it’s a Christian holiday approaching.  So I need to go to that, plus two doctor appointments AND it’s a half day--and last day until after the New Year--for Sir (gets out at 12:30 p.m.).  So I have no idea how it will all flow.  But…

GOD has never failed me nor forsaken me.

Thank God!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Testing the Blogger-droid Application From Bed & Motorola Android

In bed, warmly tucked in my sheets, knowing that I must re-enter the crazy outdoor world; and, it's 2 degrees out (No, I could not locate the "degree" sign.)
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blog Update

This blog is now open to comments again, as it appears that the spammers have stopped harassing me.

Thank you for your patience?

Anger? Nah!


Note:  She is pointing at herself.

Welcome to Dysautonomia

I’m back to this page again.  It’s 6:00 a.m. here in Connecticut.  There’s snow outside, so Sir’s school has a 90-minute delay.  This delay suits me just fine since my Dysautonomia is kicking my azz this morning; I woke wondering how I was gonna make it through my SIMPLE day, cause it’s not as if my life is all that complicated:

A.  Got Sick

B.  Went on Medical Leave

C. Insurance Company Hated Paying Me

D.  Insurance Company Dropped Me

E.  Tried Going Back to My Job

F.  Always Got Sick at Job

G.  Never Worked More Than an Hour or Two at a Time (skipped WEEKS with no pay)

H.  Got “Discharged” from Job Because of Illness

I.  Was Denied Unemployment Because “I Am Unavailable for Work”

J.  Have Not Seen A REAL Check Since May

K.  Am Waiting to Hear from SSI

L.  Am Waiting to Hear from Disability

M.  Am Waiting for Hell to Freeze over

I. Am. An. Idiot.


Picture of an Idiot

Monday, December 13, 2010

Me & My Man

Sir and I are in my room.  I think he’s driving me crazy, but I’m not sure just yet.  I have lost my mind before.  Seriously.  Thing was just blown for about 24 hours.  Gotta say, that was an awesome 24 hours.  Awesome.  But my mind is not blown at the moment.  But (yes, that’s the third but, which is about the size of my real butt) I am next to a 5-year-old who is throwing a Japanese Yo-Yo across my room while yelling nonsensical things that little boys yell when throwing Japanese Yo-Yos.  Then again, this post in itself is pretty nonsensical. 

As is life itself.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am still here?

Aside from the fact that I feel like shyt today, I find myself coming to this page.  Not so much out of desire, but more so because I feel some strong attraction that is beckoning for me to be here.  Personally, I’d prefer the comforts of not having to perform this daunting task.  Daunting because as soon as it starts (the pull, that is!), I never know when it’ll end.  Today?  Tomorrow?  Never?  Whenever.  And I also prefer to keep to my silent world.  I like to.  But I also know that when we fight the whisper, life because a fight…a struggle, and that’s not all too enjoyable to me, as it is to some; and I am not against those who enjoy the struggle, for each of us must live the way we see fit.