Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Blizzard

Mom, Isom and I spent this wintry day indoors, baking homemade oatmeal cookies. It's one of those things that we Northern Folks do when we're snowed in. The smell of fresh baked cookies on a snow day is just nostalgic. And the baking keeps you busy when you feel that cabin fever about to set in.

After the cookies were done, Mom bundled Isom up, and I packed up the hot cookies. Isom and I then headed out on an adventure. We wanted my aunt (his Godmother) to have hot, fresh baked cookies, right from the oven (Aunt Theldra's the best and deserves the best!).

We walked from our house to Aunt Theldra and Uncle Robert Earl's house. When we arrived, my dad and Tony (Aunt Theldra's son) were plowing the snow (Uncle Robert Earl had heart surgery and is still in the hospital, so of course he couldn't plow it.).

Along the way, we captured some great photos. I tried (for two hours) to post the pictures on this page, but I was having problems. So, you can view the pictures by going to my yahoo photo album: Choose the "Blizzard 2006" album, and then click "view slideshow." Don't forget to adjust the speed of the slideshow if you need to.

The slides are in the exact order that the pictures were taken. I labeled each picture to kinda tell the story.

One last note. Folks were telling me that they don't post comments because you have to join to do so. Actually, you don't have to join to leave comments. What you have to do is click on "Anonymous" or "Other" to leave a comment (and don't forget to enter your name--but you don't have to). I hope that helps, and I hope that moves more of you to leave comments. Once you've left a comment, I, too, post a comment. It's quite interactive if you think about it. I hope to hear from more of you. Tasha, Tunisia, Crystal, Erica & AP are my regulars and I appreciate them. But by my recent site meter report, LOTS of you are reading this everyday. Even if all you leave is a hello, I'd be excited. Just like hearing from you guys. It keeps me motivated!

I'm tired, and trying to upload those pictures took way too long. I'm headed to bed.

Click here to view the album: