Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mini Update

Going to bed early didn't work out so well. Before hitting the sack I decided to have myself a cool drink of water. Within minutes my stomach was twisting and turning, head was swirling, and body was sweating. It was awful. I felt as if I needed to vomit, but flashbacks of being sick & pregnant kept me from going there. My first night in my bed alone and I spent it in agony. Needless to say I still need sleep. *sigh* Sometimes a sista' just can't win.

What are you guys up to? Send me a comment!

Erica, Crystal & Deb, I left you guys a comment on the last post.

Tunisia, I sent you an email.

Me, I'm bidding for cute baby clothes on eBay and putting together items for my next set of eBay auctions for the week.

Isom has a gym class today, but I don't think we're going. After feeling so ill last night and losing more sleep, I've given up.

For those of us who have been supporting Weight Loss Girl, she has a new post up from last Wednesday (sorry I'm just telling you guys). I haven't had time to respond to her new post, but feel free to go over and give her your support at: http://amidestinedforever.blogspot.com/.

It's cold in Connecticut. Isom and I spent the morning staring out of the glass, screen door. He took much exhilaration in touching the cold glass and then pulling his hand back as if he'd been shocked. He'd turn to me, give me a smirk, and go for it again. He did this over and over until I couldn't take standing with the cold air wisping past us. When I closed the door he cried and screamed--I opened it just to see if he was upset about not being able to enjoy the glass, and by golly, as soon as the cold air hit us, he was happy. Silly little boy.

But I did have a longing to bring him to the park and get on the swings. I am in need of a swing fix. For those who don't know, I live next to a park. I have spent many quiet mornings swinging and enjoying my connectedness with the earth, as the wind rushed passed me. For you boring adults who haven't tried it in awhile, get back in touch with your inner child. Find a swing, a park, or something and just play. You'll be amazed at what it does for you.

I'm out!