Monday, February 20, 2006

Passion, Talent & Art

You know, we are all amazing. And despite the fact that most of us probably aren't millionaires, we have talents that are worth billions. Most of our talents stem from our passions, and our simple passions can manifest beautiful art.

Me, I am passionate about telling stories TO MYSELF. And my passion for doing this has led to my talent in writing. My talent in writing has become a form of art that others say they enjoy.

You see, it all started out as a simple PASSION. I have been telling myself LONG stories since I was a child. I would spend hours in my basement making up stories for my Barbie dolls to act out. As I go older, those stories became more complex and intricate. Today I have whole novels already written in my head. I also have many stories that I continue to mentally piece together over the years. The novel that I'd written years ago was, first, a story that I'd told myself over and over again, until, one day, I started telling it to my friend Jessica. From the way I remember it, the story was so long that I had to tell it to her over the course of a few days! In the end, I named the main character after her. It was 1999, and it was the first time I'd ever shared my passion.

Passion. The thing you'd do even if you weren't getting paid. I mean, I'm still creating stories in my head, and on paper, and I've NEVER received a dime for doing it. And really, if I never made a dime from it, I'd still die happy because I enjoyed every minute of it--honestly! You could call me on the phone today and ask me to go through my mental file of novels to entertain you with--and I'd waste no time in doing it.

Anywho, let me explain to you where this rant is coming from. Saturday I stumbled on this woman's blog. She's a Vegan Cook/Mom and makes these AMAZINGLY healthy and BEAUTIFUL lunches for her child. I was amazed at how she'd taken her PASSION for food, utilized it as her TALENT, and then turned it into beautiful ARTwork.

So, today's post is a visual thing. I want you guys to see how a simple passion becomes art. Here goes:

Wow, I am so moved by these photos. I feel as if I'm viewing some priceless painting. I was actually moved to tears when I viewed these. Can you believe that these pics are of her child's lunch? Wow! **Nikki sighs**

I feel the same excitement about my mom's passion for cooking that has turned into her talent that she utilizes as art by making us some amazing cuisine. And yes, my mom STILL cooks THREE MEALS A DAY!!!!

So my questions to you are:

1. Where does your passion lie?
2. How have you utilized your passion and turned it into talent?
3. Has your talent become visible artwork?

And remember, it doesn't have to be a passion that you've made a profit off of. Example: AP Manque loves to write poems. It seems to me that she's very PASSIONATE about it, so she started a blog and utilized her Passion as a Talent. And once she did that, it turned into written ART that we could visually enjoy.

Here's another example: A girl has a Passion for braiding hair and she does intricate designs on her dolls for fun. Soon she utilizes her Passion as a Talent and starts braiding folks hair in the neighborhood. Now her Passion has manifested into Art that folks everywhere can appreciate when they stumble on a person who's had their hair braided by her.

That's it for now. I hope to hear from at least one of you about your Passion, Talent & Art. And if you're ever feeling down today, come back to this page a browse through those delightful pictures, that should boost your spirit.

Please note: The photos are courtesy of Vegan Lunch Box. Please take time to visit her blog. I was only able to give you a small taste of this woman's talents.