Friday, June 06, 2014

An Ongoing Project: MissNikkiAnn Salutes Women 100.0

MissNikkiAnn Salutes Women 100.0

"We are one with Mother Earth. We are beauty. We are the nurturer. We are. We shall forever remain. No matter how man destroys the mother, she will survive and will one day regain the respect she lost."

Of Course

Of course there's more to this than we can fathom.  Of course the never-ending days and nights white out our daydreams.  Of course knowing this provokes some suppressed feelings to momentarily court us as it vainly and naturally expressed itself in our twenties.  Of course we leave it all behind.  Of course we didn't want it to prematurely abandon us as life went on with what it had to do.  Of course we blamed everything for its departure.  Of course if it were still here we'd find ourselves barreling out of control.

But of course.

February 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Lately I have had so much that I've wanted to say; but with very little time or energy left to do so.  This is not a complaint, only a realization of the matter.  I no longer try to find a groove, for the groove is forced upon me by my ill body and destiny.  In the past the more I grasped at the groove, the greater the distance became.  At this point it's not even a gap, but more like the space of our galaxy. 

Now I am trying to accept what is being and will be.  I flow through courses that Mother Nature has enrolled me in; they are always exactly what I've needed, despite how uncomfortable they make me feel.  Also, I don't trust the events that bring me joy; life is too fickle to allow for a joyous constant.  Pain and joy are friends, and each allows the other to have some spotlight. 

Me, I remain as the Self, watching it all unfold, taking note of how life automatically does what it is going to do.  No...I am not happy; if anything, I am overbooked with busying myself with tending to my body's need and  tending to those I care for.  And that does suffice.