Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snowy Connecticut Day

There's a blizzard outside, and it's beautiful. Maybe if I remember, I'll take some photos of it and post them for you Southern Folks.

Isom and I spent yesterday with his Auntie Crystal. We went to Springfield, MA to pickup Marquita (Crystal's niece/Tunisia's daughter/Isom's buddy), but wound up shopping at JC Penney Outlet for awhile. Miss Victoria (Crystal's other niece/Tunisia's other daughter/Isom's other buddy) came along for the ride, and kept Isom entertained in the back of the van.

After JC Penney, we went to Marquita's college and picked up her, her NEW boyfriend, and her friend. We dropped them over to Tunisia's and spent some time there downloading songs from Limewire and having our own private party. Marquita was in town for her 19th birthday dinner, which was held at the Texas Roadhouse.

**That's Marquita to the far right**

After leaving Tunisia's, Crystal brought me home and we sat in the car and contemplated about whether or not to go to Mohegan Sun Casino for the free Keith Sweat show. There was an impending blizzard, and we didn't know if we should venture out (also, we're just getting older and find it hard to muster up the enthusiam to do anything these days!). We decided to think on it, and I went in the house to give Isom his bath and get him ready for the evening.

After settling Isom in, I decided to go to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate with the birthday girl.

While we were there, Crystal and I decided to venture to the casino for the Keith Sweat show. I had ordered mom some shrimp, so I told Crystal I'd bring it home and then meet her at her house.

On my my home, I was driving down Tower Avenue (which means nothing to those of you outside of Connecticut) and I saw what looked like my mother's Volvo, and what looked like my father standing next to it--he was looking bewildered and crazy!

It was dark outside, so I slowed my pace and took a closer look. It was my dad! I started beeping the horn and yelling , "What in the hell is wrong?"

My mind was racing. Tower Avenue is a dark and busy road. It's next to a creepy cemetary and some woods.

I rolled down my window and asked dad what was going on. A was a little bit farther up the road from me, and I could barely make out what he was saying. He just kept pointing across the street to the woods. I made out the words: car, drag racing and woods. I pulled out my cellphone and got out of the car.

While Dad waited for a chance to cross the busy street, he was trying to tell me that he saw these guys drag racing and that they had an accident and ran into some trees in the woods--at least, I think that's what he said. Dad ran across the street and checked on one guy. He then came back across the street and said that the guy was coherent. When I asked Dad why he hadn't called the cops, he just kept saying that the guy was coherent.


**And y'all, I still don't fully understand how the accident happened. And I don't have the energy or PATIENCE to listen to my dad tell that story.**

I was about to call the cops myself, but then a HUGE group of guys came out of nowhere and went to the scene. I saw one guy pull out a cellphone. Hmph, I don't do "HUGE groups" of dudes! Heck, I didn't know if they had come to help or KILL the dude.

I just stood back and watched as my father took in the action. I could tell he wasn't about to budge. He'd probably be standing there until the cops and the newsfolk showed up.

Then time stopped for me.

I thought to myself, "Shoot, I don't have time for this. I've got to get to that Keith Sweat show. I've been dying to see this man, and nothing's gonna stop me.

I ran to the car, drove off--without saying bye to Dad--and headed home. On my way home, I had this conversation with myself:

"Stupid idiots! I'm worrying about some fools I don't even know. And for what? They ain't worryin' about me or my safety. They out here driving like they ain't got a-bit-a-sense. Dang, drag-racing. They could have killed somebody. Hell, they could have killed me. And I'm worried about them? And they putting my life in danger over some bulls*&t! I ain't missing Keith Sweat over their silliness. I hope that accident knocked some sense into their heads. That's what I hpoe. Shoot!"

My mind rambled on and on like that, all the way.

Crystal and I made it to the concert, and had the privliege of standing next to some very entertaining characters. I think we had the loudest, rowdiest section. We spent the entire time joking, laughing and getting our groove ON! Dang, man! We had a good time. We were so loud that Keith glanced over our way when one dude kept doing this loud doggy call.

Ya' know, the way Keith Sweat whines in all his songs, I expected him to be a shy dude. Actually, he's pretty cocky and raunchy. I love it! My God, I love it! The last time I saw him in concert it was in the 80's, and it was at the Hartford Civic Center. But the casino lounge setting was way more relaxed and fun. Folks played the slots while grooving to Keith's never-ending whinning. And folks promised that they were rushing home to "get in on" with their lovers. There was a bus-load of folks from Harlem, and they were way cool. Crystal caused this one dude to lose $40 on a slot machine. He thought she was his good luck charm. Too bad. Crystal, I bet Clinton wouldn't have appreciated you getting friendly with that dude, LOL!

Keith let this guy propose to his girlfriend on stage. It was interesting. She accepted, and I guess they'll live "happily ever after." Whateva!

It was a good night. And I won $70 at the nickle slot machines. I really needed that money because I'd STOLEN $40 from Preston's secert stash (It ain't so secret, cause Mom knew where it was!). And thanks to my winnings, I can put it back and still have $30 to get my haircut and my brows done. And after that, I should still have like $12 left! Thank God for short haircuts! They're so cheap and easy to manage. And my mother's classmate from Cuthbert cuts my hair, so he only charges me $10.

Anywho, Isom fell asleep in my lap while I was typing this. I'm gonna put him down and try and rest, too. I have a cold, and it's kicking my butt.

I love y'all. No, really, I do. And I'm hoping that you have a really peacful Sunday. Eat lots of hearty food, rest, and prepare your minds and soul for the upcoming workweek.

I'm out!