Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Ride to Wickford, Rhode Island In The Covertible

Yesterday was a good day. I took a trip to Rhode Island with my godbrother. We drove in his convertible with the top down all the way. The weather was perfect, and as we New Englanders know, Rhode Island is a beautiful state. The name of the quaint town is Wickford, and we were lucky to be there on the day of their art festival. With the beach right down the street, the little village was full of people and excitement.
Before we ventured off into town (this is a place where people walk and bike everywhere instead of driving) we enjoyed home cooked Southern Indian food. My godbrother's pregnant Indian friend (Indian, not Native American), Padma, is married to a German guy (cute couple). Padma's mother is visiting until Padma has the baby--this woman is 80-years-old and makes the most amazing Indian food (we had both lunch and dinner with them). And although I've had Indian food before, there was something extra special about being there to watch her make the food, and then sitting down at the table and eating it the way they do (with bread and fingers).

Anywho, we walked all around Wickford and chatted about any- and everything. Padma's friend had informed us that she's had Lyme disease once and that her husband had been bitten three times by Lyme ticks! I mean, I grew up in Connecticut, the home of Lyme Connecticut, but had yet to encounter anyone who'd contracted this disease, and all of a sudden, I meet two of them, but in Rhode Island. Along the way, we bought refreshing drinks, and lots of lemonade from kids selling in front of their houses.

Here are some Wickford pics that I found on the internet (and these aren't just random pictures, I visited each of the places that are pictured on today's post--even the picture at the top).

It was a nice day and night (we left at 10:30 a.m. we didn't get back until after 11 p.m.--Wickford is a hour and a half away). Miss Nikki Ann needed the rest, good company and conversation. And the breeze caressing my bald head as I rode in the convertible didn't hurt!
Besos a todos! (Gosh, I don't even know if that's right. My Spanish skills are rusty)

Miss Nikki Ann