Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School Reunion & Potty Training & Procrastination

There are things I SHOULD be doing right now, and I'll get to them in ten minutes! **This is the promise I'm making to myself**

Two of Sir's buddies are coming by tomorrow for a potty playdate. What's a potty playdate? Something I made up while meditating in the shower (or just another way to keep Sir busy and mentally stimulated). I've invited Princess Laya and Duke Aaron over to partake in two full hours of non-stop potty training. Princess Laya's mom is bringing her potty over (you know gents and ladies can't use the same potty!) and Sir and Duke will use Sir's potty and the regular toilet. By the time these kids leave, either they'll be trained or they'll never want to see the potty again. Sir's been potty training himself for awhile (I got lucky! And I deserve this bit of luck after all that colick I suffered through) and he's doing such a great job, so he'll really enjoy this intense training session. And when I called to invite the buddies over, their moms did not hesitate to say yes, aside from asking me why I'd want to do this to myself again and again.

Anywho, I just finished watching the Charm School reunion show. Man, it was difficult to stomach. Monique is a strong and centered woman, because somebody else wouldn't have had the patience for the issues that these women have. After seeing Larissa's (Bootz) mother in action, I now have a better understanding of why she is the way she is.

On the other hand, I so want Shay (Buckeey) to grow up; she's one of my favorites and has so much potential. Saafyri (who didn't stay long enough on Flav's show to get a nickname after beating the heck out of that chick) and Leilene (Smiley) are my other favorites--along with Schatar (Hottie), who I believe doesn't get enough credit. I love that Schatar allows everything, even negative comments shot at her, to roll off her back. I admire that quality and seek to nurture more of it in myself. Plus, she's just a lot of fun, without using all the hooker and foul mouth nastiness that most of the other girls displayed. And I can't forget Courtney (Goldie), she's simply a sweetheart--too bad she went too far with that comedy set about Monique. But I'm happy to see that the two of them aren't harboring any ill feelings, and that Mo's offer for Courtney to go on tour with her still stands.

Oh, and I must say congratulations to Saafyri for winning the competition (and to Leilene for coming in second). It seems things are going well for her and she's now got a roof over her head. I'm rooting for her. I can't wait to see how she grows in the years to come.

Then there were a few, like Larissa, Brooke, and Cristal, who didn't seem to make much progress. And not only didn't they make progress, but they clearly had no idea that their antics were unsettling to most viewers.

And what about the fact that people like Darra (Like Dat), Jennifer (Toastee), and Thela (Rain) weren't even showcased on the reunion show; they just moved the cameras right passed them. And I like Darra--excpet when she's burping and drinking out of milk cartons (but to her credit, that wasn't in Charm School, only Flavor of Love).

And then there's Heather...I mean Krazy...I mean Nevaeh (that's Heaven spelled backwards, remember?). In her mind she's already a superstar, and ain't much else to say about that. But...was she even in the reunion audience? I forgot to look for her. Heck, I'd forgotten she existed until I went to write this post.

But that's all just fun talk (even though most of it's truth). I hope the best for them all and that all of they're days will continue to be charming. And yes, that was corny as corn.

Miss Nikki Ann (upset that Charm School is over for the summer--even though she knows she'll get caught up in the reruns)