Monday, July 30, 2007

Little Dude

Sir ran into the kitchen, beaming with enthusiasm. "I did it! I did it!"

Hmmm, I thought to myself, I'd better go and check this out. "Show me what you did," I said as I followed him into my parent's room.

Sir walked up to the television and pointed. "I did it! I did it!"

I looked closely, trying to think as a toddler would thing, then noted that the television's built-in VCR looked strange. I dug my hand in to find items that I'd been looking for for some time, including the money he'd just stolen from my purse. I pulled out his infant toothbrush, coupons, enough money to put him through boarding school... But there wasn't enough time to fully examine all the damage.

I walked into the kitchen and showed Crystal and my mother my findings.

Mom said, "Ya' know, I'd noticed that my television had been acting funny."

Now as I'm typing, I realize that I didn't even look into the televisions CD player to see what treasures he'd hidden in there. After a good nights rest, and walking myself through my FREEDOM steps, I'll go and finish cleaning out the VCR and examining the rest of the damage.

Note to self: As you walk through those FREEDOM steps, be sure to address the anger you felt towards him for showing out at the Italian bakery, one of your favorite places. And ask for extra forgiveness for the depths of disgust you felt as you had to carry him out of there, dragging him by his limp arm, hoping that a bomb would drop on him before you killed him on your own; only to find that you'd left the place without getting a sweet treat; only to find that once you buckled him in the car he was all smiles; only to find that you were so pissed that you didn't return his smile and refused any conversation with him for at least the next two miles; only later to look at him with a gentle heart and the will to try to be patient with him again; only to later find that he would break your favorite pair of sunglasses; only to find right now that you now have to walk through the FREEDOM steps and forgive him for that too...