Monday, July 23, 2007

Man Up The Street Update

He's back! And not just that... She's back (the girlfriend who promised the judge on that television show that she'd never speak to him again) and her "little bitch" daughter is back! (Please note: Miss Nikki Ann is not calling "said" daughter a bitch; it's what Man Up The Street so lovingly called her one day). So they're all back.

Mom said to Miss Nikki Ann: "I should call her over here and show her the taping we have of them in court, and then tell her 'when you go to court the next time and the judge asks if you're going to stay away from him, tell the truth.'"

Yes, Man Up The Street's little bitch was outside pumping, bumping and grinding to some music that was playing from the vehicle that they'd all been bent over looking under the hood for two hours. Boy was it a show. And all I could do was chuckle. I hadn't noticed how much I'd missed their entertainment. But I sure as heck can't wait for them to go back home too! It's been hours, and as I type, they're still out there.

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