Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The other week when my godbrother was visiting, I looked out my window and saw a hilarious site. My dad, who's getting "older" and needs to quit trying to do some stuff, was out bad cutting on our biggest, most ferocious, tree. This thing is a whammy! We've been quoted outrageous prices for having the "sap sucker" cut down. Well, I guess dad decided to give it a shot. My godbrother watched and sipped beer as he cut away. Uncle Robert Earl drove by and stopped and tried to keep him from killing himself. And Reverend Miller came by with his old butt and tried to assist. It was madness. And in the end, after all of that cutting (and then burning the limbs he'd gotten down--smoking up the entire neighborhood) you could barely tell the difference. Gosh, I hope they send this dude out of state to work really soon, before he hurts himself or someone else.

Note to self: Must stop peering out of my bedroom window, I see way too many things that I wouldn't have to stress over if I'd just mind my own buisness.