Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sweet Kisses

First it was a kiss on my left cheek.

Then he moved to my right cheek.

I told him thank you and continued staring at the television.

The he gently kissed me on my lips.

I told him thank you again and continued my television viewing.

Then he kissed my left shoulder.

Caught me off guard.

Then my right.

I finally looked at him.

And he kissed my collar bone.

Time stopped.

I looked deeply into his wide eyes.

He was waiting for acknowledgment.

I hugged him and said:

"You are loving, gentle and kind. Thank you. I appreciated that."

And I kissed his soft shoulder.

He kissed my left cheek.

My right.

My left shoulder.

My right.

My lips.

My mom watched our intimate moment.

I was still in awe.

In that moment, I realized that a boy child's first moments of intimacy are with his mother (coming out of her vagina, breastfeeding, cuddling at the breast, loving kisses & hugs.) And however she decides to respond to it can determine how he'll nurture and care for the women he encounters in his manhood.

So I embraced him again, happy to give him a safe, loving, and nonjudgmental place to showcase his love and tenderness.

Here's to boys who'll one day be men. Here's to the women who will benefit from strong, sensitive, yielding men. Here's to love--love without apology.

"Sir, you can give my shoulders gently kisses whenever you please. And I pray that as you grow older, you won't forget to grace me with them forevermore."

~Mi Mi