Friday, July 20, 2007

Keith Sweat and The Sweat Hotel

Heard Keith Sweat on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Woo-hoo! That's my boy. His chocolate voice and blatant lisp melt my heart. I was swoonin'! So I had to go to the website of his new radio show The Sweat Hotel. I just knew there was no way that the website could be as sexy as he is, but it is. is! Wow! The opening song is one of my favorites: Right and Wrong Way.

"There's a right and a wrong way to love somebody. Ya' love them right."

Miss Nikki Ann shouted back at the music, "Hell, love me right Keith!"

He has two other songs on there as well, you just look to the top right-hand corner and scroll through them.

And there's a section on the site called Apologies--I guess it's a recorded segment of his show where people call in to apologize to folks--ya' have to his voice on the recordings.

I don't know, it just made my day. Cleared my head so that I could do some work. It was nostalgia, made me think of the Friday evenings Ma and I spent with records spread across the floor. My favorite was always The Betty Wright Live album. Boy, we'd groove for hours, and she'd be cooking (good down south food--not southern food, but down south food!) and cleaning the house as friends and family stopped by to say hi. Man... My mom's not just my mom, she's my friend. I learned to groove from this woman, to sing, dance, and move with a joy that relinquishes the pressures that can accompany life. Friday nights with Ma....

Groove on y'all. Whatever your musical taste is...groove on...

To Ava: As I read your posts, I often imagine what it must feel like to be at one of your musical sessions. You all seem to have a really good time.