Friday, July 13, 2007

Potty Training Playdate

It was a success. Sir earned way too many stickers for me to even keep count. He peed on the potty, crapped on the potty, read on the potty all day long. Duke Aaron and Princess Laya did a great job too. At the end, Duke Aaron even announced: I have to go to the potty. Yippee! A mother's delight.

Duke Aaron's mother inquired: "So, Aaron, are you going to potty at home?"

Duke Aaron responded: "No!"

Toddlers have a mind of their own.

And Princess Laya didn't go as much as the boys, but that probably had something to do with them being so rowdy that it was hard for her to concentrate. Sir and Duke push and throw and hit each other all day. Poor Princess, she just doesn't know what to do with her boys. But the three of them are so in love with each other. I caught Duke taking Princess's hand and walking with her--up until she grew tired of him and pushed him off. And lots of times I spy Sir watching Princess with an intensity that only suggests love; a love that will one day spark a fight between Duke and Sir--I'm so looking forward to that! I mean, we princesses need love too! And we shouldn't receive that love only when they boys get tired of playing with each other (oftentimes, Duke and Sir act as if Princess isn't there).

Anywho, the royal gang will be getting together AGAIN today (that's a total of 4 times this week). Duke Aaron's mother created this thing where every Friday lots of moms gather at her place, half the moms get to stay and the other half get to leave. The funny part is that we moms are enjoying each other so much that we've all stayed, but at least we have the option.

So the adventures of The Duke, The Sir, The Prince and The Mighty Princess will continue soon. And yes, there has been a book idea behind all of this since Sir met his first buddy Zohar (who's The Prince in the storyline). It's a story that I tell to myself and may one day put pen to paper and make all the magic happen. That's maybe. For now, I'm enjoying the stories of their magical land. It makes me believe that love is a possibility that will overshadow all the darkness. One day... One day...

Miss Nikki Ann