Friday, March 03, 2006

Just A Kid Inside

Remember how I told you guys that I needed a Swing Fix? Well I got it! Yesterday (Thursday) it snowed, and, I took Isom out to the park as soon as the snow started falling; I thought it'd be a neat experience for him to swing as the snow fell. It was so much fun. First he swung on the baby swing and then we swung together on the big folks swing; this picture to the right, with the feet, was taken by me as I swung with Isom in my lap.

I love playing, it rejuvenates my spirit. Living next to a park, I spent my childhood playing outside.

See, we live right next to the park; that fence is the only thing separating us. Because of this park I had a fun and amusing childhood. Our neighborhood was filled with kids and teenagers and everyone knew everybody. Plus, lots of my relatives lived right around the block, as we call it. All the adults knew you by name and didn't hesitate to tell you that they'd call yo' mama and daddy if you aint' stop actin' a fool.

Me and my friends were chased by millions of dogs, on foot and on bike. One time, as we were being chased by a vicious Pit Bull, my friend LaTonya hopped into some ladies car as she was unloading her groceries!

We had tons of sprint races from one light pole to another and double dutch games in the middle of the streets (I always beat the boys when we had the races). And you could catch my brother, my cousin, and the rest of the neighborhood boys playing basketball on the court and touch football out in the field.

And if you look closely at the picture with just the trees, you'll see a huge cemetery is right over the fence. Woo! We had lots of scary moments riding our bikes through there, until they closed up the makeshift entrance, a hole that some hoodlum had cutout. After that, we could only hop the fence and walk through the cemetery on feet, and I sho' wasn't about to do that. Hell, especially not after my nutty friend Cassandra told me about that old dead man in the shack house (Um, as an adult, I now know that the shack is only a mausoleum, a large tomb housing several tombs. But heck, it still looks eerie.)

And when dinnertime came, you could hear each child's momma calling them from around the block to get their butts home for dinner.*sigh* I can only wish that Isom's childhood will be just as fulfilling.