Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vent Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

I called LuCiana and ranted and raved about some trivial happening, then I went and wrote Ang an email about that same trivial happening. All the while, I knew it was trivial and I knew that all I needed to do was walk through the FREEDOM steps. After walking through the steps, I was able to move beyond the silly issue, which wasn't even a REAL issue--it was pathetic really.

A few times since finishing my therapy, I've allowed myself to call someone and vent. I do this just to remember what a "phone vent" feels like; so, today, I vented purposefully to see the results. I've found that venting can cause me more frustration than the initial problem that caused me to vent. It allows me to fester until my vision is blurred by whatever pissed me off last week! It allows a trivial circumstance to become a large drama. It can be a slow death (stress does accumulate and kill) and detour me from my goals.


Times when a small vent allows me to let out the physical frustration so that I can move on.

My point? I try to choose my vents like I choose my other battles because some are meant to be won--and others lost.

What person willingly walks into a battle she knows she's going to lose. **Nikki raises her hand and clears her throat** Okay, so what, I do it sometimes. But I try to keep my foolish actions down to a minimum. Like saying I was gonna give up sweets for a week. It ain't gonna happen. I don't believe in deprivation! I want all the cookies! All of 'em! I'm just playing. Sweets are my friend, not my enemy--but there is a thin line. And if I eat too many, that "thin line" sho' won't be my waistline.

Okay y'all, I'm rambling. I just felt like chatting with you all a little (Isom's napping and I had a few minutes to spare).