Monday, March 20, 2006

Shoo Shoos

It's the end of another special day, which had its ups and downs. The baby's got this annoying machine on his crib that continuously plays these froggie noises. I'd like to go and hammer the thing to death, but that wouldn't be in line with my practice of the FREEDOM steps. Aside from chasing Buddy around today, lots of other good things happened too:

--White man goes into a bank and tells cashier that 3 black crackheads forced him to go in and ask for money. Come to find out, he's a crackhead, AND he works for the school system. One of his coworkers remarked, "I can't and WON'T believe any of this until I speak to Mark myself." Come on lady, he's a crackhead. He wouldn't know the truth if he'd stuffed it down his own throat; hell, he'd stuff anything down his throat for a chance to wrap his lips around a crack pipe.

--Black Cadet rapes 6 women. One woman finally came forward and then I guess the rest followed suit. Come on black man! Yo, what is up wit'chu, dude!? And I mean, youz a nice lookin' fella. It don't look like you gotta take it from women, I'm pretty sho' they'z throwin' it at 'chu! (That was a little raunchy, but hey, it was the truth.)

--Two men are attempting to run against a female Governor for the upcoming term. *sigh* It takes two men to take on one woman. Come on guys! Governor Rell, do the damn thing, girl! And I don't care if you're a Republican, I'm still lovin' it!

I've got to go. Shoo Shoos is having an amazing going-out-of-business sale, and I need to catch the sale before the shoes I want are sold out. For those of you who have kids and are in love with the famous Robeez shoes (Isom is wearing them in his pictures--they're the only shoes I buy him), then you'll love Shoo Shoos. Like Robeez they are soft-soled footwear that won't slide off of your baby's feet (and any mom knows how frustrating that is). Robeez and Shoo Shoos can be very pricey if you factor in how short of a time babies can wear one size. Right now Shoo Shoos are selling for 40 - 70% off. The prices are mindboggling, really. I'm about to buy Isom at least 4 pairs. Four pairs of Robeez (and Shoo Shoos at their original prices) can run you close to $130, but I'm about to pay $55 for four pairs of Shoo Shoos.

Boy do I sound like a walking advertisement. Anywho, I've got to run.

Ang, that email you sent was too funny. Sometimes we just have to get our vent on.