Monday, March 20, 2006

Bizzy Bee

Let's just say that the baby has turned from being busy to being way too busy. It's hard finding the time to post. If I set him on the floor with some toys, he ditches them and opts to try to stick his finger into some electrical sockets. And yes, I have socket protectors and he knows how to take them off; they've become one of his favorite things to chew on. I've ordered some of those protective plates, which I'm hoping will solve the socket problem.

Last week, when I was at Isom's gym class, the instructor asked all the parents about their babies' new developments. I was frazzled, as I'd arrived to class late, and I responded, truthfully, "Nothing I can think of. Um, he licked the toilet seat." The crowd broke out in laughter, and I spent the entire class discussing Isom's toilet licking situation.

I usually keep the bathroom door closed, but this one day I'd forgotten; I was probably on the computer trying to post something to you guys. I turned to see why things were so quiet, and I noticed that Isom was gone. "Oh, crap!" I thought to myself, "The bathroom door's open." I ran into the bathroom and found him gnawing on the toilet seat. After I scooped him up, I looked at the seat, and I saw a huge puddle of drool. Yuck! And little dude was way too proud of himself. He'd finally gotten what'd he been itching for--a rendezvous with the porcelain bowl.

Caught Trying to Sneak into Bathroom

Here's my take on babies: Newborns (0-3 months) are boring because all they do is sleep, but at least you can get stuff done. Three- to six -month-olds are fun (they respond and coo), but they can't move on their own; and so, you have to do everything for them, which makes it hard to get stuff done. Six- to twelve-month-olds are a ball of enthusiasm for life, and they can do for themselves--but try keeping up with them, it'll either age you or put you in the best physical shape of your life.

I must go. Isom is napping in my lap, and I'm going to try to move him to his pack-n-play, which will probably be a bad move because he'll probably wakeup and refuse to go back to sleep. But I'm gonna try my luck.

What is youz guys up to?