Tuesday, March 28, 2006


When I walked upstairs and saw that teething Bizzy Bee was asleep, I jumped for joy. This is the most peaceful 2 minutes I've had in days. Woo-hoo! This situation with the baby is precarious; so I must make haste. Who knows when the Bee will stir from his light slumber to find that his gums are still aching.

I've been so busy with the Bee that I missed a bill payment (first time in my life!). So I'm sitting here organizing my life a little. Do indulge yourself with a view of my New Artist Space, which has temporarily become my finance center.
Now I have it all squared away, and I paid that $18 bucks that was a few days overdue. I'm so paranoid about my bill paying that I have an elaborate system setup so that I don't forget to pay anyone. For some reason that system failed--but having sustained me for maybe 10 years or more with only one failure ain't such a bad record. I phoned the creditor about my late payment to inquire if I'd incurred a late fee. The customer service representative seemed taken aback. She said, "Yes, it was due on the 24th, but I don't see anything here stating that there's a fee." I guess when folks tend to pay bills weeks to months late, four days seems like a insignificant quiver in her collection day.

Anywho, my question to y'all is, why ain't nobody tell me my payment was due? I post the link to my calendar that has all my bill due dates. Y'all should be on my back about my bills! Actually, now that I think about it, I haven't fully updated my calendar; it's missing the bill due dates. My bad.

That's it for now. Bizzy is stirring, again. What is youz guys up to?