Thursday, March 09, 2006

Life Ain't Perfect, Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me!

Sir Isom is growing up, and he loves exploring his new world. And let me tell you, there's no such thing as baby-proofing your home; these babies can find a needle in a haystack. They love sharp and dangerous objects and are great scavenger hunters--if there's an item that you misplaced years ago, just let you baby roam free and he'll find it in the time it would have taken him to pull the outlet safety guard off and stick his finger in the socket. These babies are industrious!

So yesterday I took Isom outside a couple of times for some fresh air. The first time I brought him in he cried, but I was able to divert his attention. The second time wasn't that simple, and I had to give into his request to be placed in the grass (it wasn't too cold of a day in Connecticut, and the grass wasn't soaking wet, so don't call DCS on a sista'!). He enjoyed pulling on the grass and digging into the dirt, but I'd had enough when he started eating it and then moved on and managed to find some snow to put in his mouth (and after watching the wildlife in the backyard, I can attest to the fact that many birds, dogs and squirrels have pissed and crapped on that snow). Yuck! I scooped Buddy up (another nickname I have for Sir Isom) and tried to bring him back inside. He cried something fierce. He cried to the point where my skin felt as if it was popping off of my flesh. He cried until I had to walk myself through the FREEDOM steps. That boy cried, do y'all hear me, he cried.

Somehow I managed to soothe him to sleep at 3:30 and he slept for a couple of hours (which is really long for him). So I took a shower and then turned on the Wendy Williams show. She was interviewing Lil' Mo and I listened as I did some collaging to soothe my nerves. Buddy slept all the way up to his bathtime, which is 5:30. By then my mind was so relaxed. I decided that he could stay up a little later since he'd taken such a long nap (I usually put him to bed at 7:00). At 7:30 I took Buddy downstairs to chill with his Uncle Preston and Cousind Tony.

My brother and my cousin (who's basically another brother) have this jacked up relationship. They love to argue and cuss each other. On the flip side, when someone else tries to enter their argument they gang up on them; sometimes even abandoning their original stance just to be on the same page with each other. Wierdos. So Isom enjoyed turning his head from one mouth to the next as he witnessed their lunacy.

Me, I was upstairs writing to you guys when my computer shutdown on me, and I lost all of my work. It sucked. I was so pissed that I had to walk through the FREEDOM steps to calm down.

Today Tony is coming by to make me French Toast and Bacon. A year ago this week, my parents and my aunt and uncle (Tony's parents) went away on their yearly spring vacation. They were gone for two weeks, and as some of you know, I had a very ill pregnancy and was on bedrest the entire time. I couldn't do for myself, my parents being gone was a big deal, so they--and my aunt and uncle (Isom's godparents), left instructions for my brother, Tony and my cousin, Gia (Tony's sister) to take care of me (I couldn't drive or do basic things like cooking). One morning before leaving to go to his job, Tony made me French Toast and Bacon and brought it over. Today we're gonna celebrate that occasion and Tony's gonna come by and make me that same breakfast, the only difference will be that I won't be vomiting or elevating my legs AND I can actually have Champagne Mismosa! Hell yeah!

Anywho, Isom is now asleep in my lap. I've got to take advantage of this quiet moment before he's up and crawling around the house again. Isom's favorite "naughty" toys to play with are my Vaseline jar and TV remote control. I've given in and I no longer fight him over them. One day I caught him in the act and photographed it. Here are the pictures and I'll chat with yous guys latas.