Monday, March 27, 2006

There Is A Season: Turn, Turn, Turn

Busy, busy, busy. I'm busy, mom's busy, Peanut's (Preston) busy, Bizzy's busy, and even my dad seems to be trying to get busy. Things to do. Lots of things to do. And you know what? I hate change. I haven't been posting because I've been relocated. My Artist Space is now located in the basement where my brother and my huge doll collection reside; all of my books are shelved down here, so that's an added plus--up until moving down here I didn't realize how many I own. Anywho, mom and I have been preparing for Peanut's post-wedding departure. We thought moving the desk to the basement would be a great idea. We mapped out every detail (where all the cords and cable attachments need to go; how to break down the desk; which parts of the desk could be done away with...). But we didn't foresee the problem we'd have with the internet cable cord, which meant I was offline for days, which caused the lapse in my posting, which caused me to throw a tantrum like a baby, to which my mother responded: Stop whining like a baby. Nikki, I've had enough. I'm not discussing it with you any longer. Shame, shame, shame. But Peanut and mom pitied me, and made a way out of no way. I'm back! I'm just having some trouble adjusting to the change in location; it takes a little more effort to come downstairs, but I'm working on it.