Thursday, March 16, 2006

"A Glimpse Into Tunisia's Life Through Pictures and Blurbs"

Tunisia & Victoria

Tunisia says: The first picture is me sitting on Tori's (Tunisia's daughter) lap, which is pretty symbolic of our life: I am constantly trying to keep her under control.

Nikki says: Victoria is a very talented (she can dance, draw, write, but that girl sho' cain't sang! no-no!) and "high-spirited" young lady. As her Auntie Crystal says, "Nikki, Victoria thinks she's your age." And she really does, twice this week I've received voicemails from her, trying to update me on the local "happenings."

Tunisia & Little Will

Tunisia says: And Willie's (Tunisia's son) picture says it all: He smothers me with his "neediness/love"

Nikki says: Little Will is a sweetheart and does a great job ushering at church. He wants some of those old school white gloves we used to wear while ushering (Man, I wish I hadn't thrown mine out!).

There was a third picture that Tunisia wanted to post but she couldn't find it. It was a family picture that would have included her eldest daughter, Marquita.

Tunisia says:
The last picture would have been our XMAS picture. Although we were all together, if you look at the picture Marquita is facing outward - which I guess symbolizes her attempt to breakfree of her home life.

Nikki says: Marquita will soon be ending her first year as a college student. She is going through a wonderful metamorphosis--becoming a woman ain't easy. And though Tunisia couldn't find her picture, I have a picture of Marquita from November 2005 when she was babysitting Isom. Marquita is great with children, it's her gift.

Marquita & Isom

Tunisia, thanks for sharing a piece of your world.
And for the rest of you, feel free to submit your pictures and blurbs at anytime.