Friday, March 17, 2006

Thembi & Preston: 92 Days to Go

Many of you will be attending the Fulse/Kimbrough wedding. Because of that, I thought I'd post Thembi and Preston's wedding website, blog, and photo album addresses.

The wedding website:
The photo album address:
The blog address:
Their email address:

Their wedding website has all the pertinent wedding information (hotels, air accommodations, times, locations, maps, wedding party participants list, photo album, guestbook...). Please take a minute and sign their guestbook. Couples need all the well-wishes they can get.

Their blog will keep you up to date on their everyday happenings leading up to AND through the honeymoon (ooo-la-la!). They also have pictures and polls on the blog, and just like this blog, you can leave comments.

I have given the couple's engagement my own theme: What Love Looks Like. I think it fits.