Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Where's Waldo?

Someone asked where I was and I just wanted to answer that I'm here. My problem? The people whom I get inspiration from haven't been posting to their blogs (AP, Dawn, Maria, Keyla...). For a day or so even MC Hammer hadn't written anything--bummer!. It put me in a little of a funk, so I took that "funky" energy and worked on my novel, and man it's coming along great. Um, AP, are you having writer's block? Keyla, what are you and Kiersten up to? (your last post was great!).

For those of you who are supporting Weight Loss Girl, she has updated her blog--go by and give her your support: http://amidestinedforever.blogspot.com/.

These are photos I took while typing this post to you guys. If you look closely, you can see the blog on the computer screen. I the second picture I am smelling his hair. I use Carol's Daughter hair products on Isom and the products have such delicious scents.

So I'm here and it's raining, but the sun is starting to breakthrough in some parts of the sky. It's in the 50's (great for CT), but the weatherman says that we'll be returning back to our seasonably cold weather. I'm actually excited about that. I have this theory that the longer winter lasts, the longer I have until Isom turns one in the Spring. As a mom, I just don't want my little guy to grow up.

Gotta go. We have gym class today, and I'm gonna try to call Deb (Zoey's mom) and chat with her before class (we missed playgroup and both of his gym classes last week, so I want Deb to fill me in on the details. In Mommyland, Deb is the cool mom who knows everything that's going on.).