Saturday, October 22, 2011

MissNikkiAnn Is Very Sick (cc: @OccupyHartford)

And though my mind and heart want me to be physically active with Occupy Hartford at the Turning Point Park occupation site, my Dysautonomia (a progressive and chronic illness) prevents me from doing so at this time.

I am with my fellows in spirit, and will continue to do what I can to support and further the work we are doing.  Occupy Hartford is an amazing and talented group of diverse people.  And regardless of the false image that Mass Media (not true journalists) wants to project, those within the cause know the truth.  And as the numbers grow, more and more we will begin to ignore the vanity of the media, and seek not their approval, but the approval of those wanting to delve deeper into the myriad of issues that are darkening the spirits of humankind.

Compassion and solidarity are the true answer, and if anyone tries to convince you otherwise, I'd take a closer look into that person's personal motive.

MissNikkiAnn, from her sick bed

*Unedited, so don't belittle my effort by looking for mistakes.