Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Occupy Hartford: 10052011

Today I was lucky to be present for Occupation Hartford's meeting at Bushnell Park in downtown Hartford, CT, USA. Being that my health is what it is (lacking in good health), I never would have imagined that I would witness, first-hand, this historical moment in the making. If you are a MissNikkiAnn's House reader, you know that I have been following Anonymous (Anon) for a while now, long before they (and their idea) became mainstream.

I remember watching their first video, knowing that what I was witnessing was novel. I wanted to be a part of that novelty in anyway possible, so I blogged and tweeted Anonymous's stuff, and even participated in their mass media boycott (which should still be on my blog's main page). So when I got word from WESU's 88.1 FM that Occupy Hartford would, indeed, being happening, I just knew that I would have to be there in person, with my Android, getting some footage.

No, I was not and am not feeling well at all (I am actually in the middle of a Dysautonomia flare), and this was the perfect reason to get out there with my walker and Sir. Being a chronic illness patient means having to deal with a system that wishes you didn't exist, so I went (shouldering all the pain and symptoms), to be sure that a movement such as this one got the spotlight that it needs to flourish.

Occupy Hartford represents all of us (middle and lower class alike, sick and chronically ill, children and adults) who have been left behind by a system that wasted our hard-earned resources. This is what fed-up America looks like...

I will keep you posted.

"Be good.  Be patient.  Be willing to be in the moment."