Friday, October 07, 2011

Occupy Hartford 10062011 @OccupyHartford

As a chronically ill single mom, I am crunched for time and health.  If you are following my blog for Occupy Hartford, CT, USA information, you will find that I get right to the point, and there is no editing involved (not enough energy, time or good health right now...but maybe in the future).  So here we go....

Sir and I arrived a little late to yesterday the Occupy Hartford meeting.  There was a little confusion as to where the meeting would be held (Bushnell Park or Turning Point, Broa Street and Farmington Avenue).  Once I realized it was Turning Point (cause there was no one at the Bushnell and I used my Android to check Twitter for the location), we walked from the Capitol's parking lot to Turning Point.  Upon arrival, this is what we saw...

I jumped right into the mix and listened for information.  Here are some main points to consider:

1.  The first march will be held today, Friday, October 7, 2011 (10072011) at 5 PM.

2.  The Bushnell Park will be the starting point for the march.

3.  The route for the march was up for proposal.

4.  It was proposed that the march be inclusive, allowing for consideration and support of individual situations (people's work time, etc.).

5.  The issue of Connecticut not being a 24/7 kind of a place like New York provoked lots of discussion about how to deal with the limitations of the City of Hartford's most active and least active hours.

6.  There was confusion (which was resolved) over who the Turning Point land belongs to.  Turning Point is not the official name of the site that you see above, and there is some philanthropic history behind it.

7.  The Turning Point land belongs to the City of Hartford. 

8.  It was also made clear that The City of Hartford belongs to The City of Hartford and NOT the POLICE.

9.  The people were made aware that Ron Pitts (sp? and occupation?) supports the effort.

10.  Please note that The Hartford Courant is right across the street.

11.  Please note that no Hartford Courant staff reporters (to my knowledge) were in attendance.

Here are so photos...

And a few more...

I will keep you posted.

~MissNikkiAnn, unedited