Tuesday, October 11, 2011

URGENT! Solidarity Rally, Tuesday at 7pm @OccupyHartford

"URGENT! Solidarity Rally – Tuesday at 7pm


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DAY 4 - Late Monday afternoon Chief of Police Darryl K Roberts came to Turning Point Park and told us that we need to take the tents down first thing Tuesday morning (Oct.11). At the same time, he also informed us that City Officials would like to have a meeting with us. During the General Assembly, the consensus was that we would take down the tents at 7am and meet with them Tuesday, late afternoon.
It is absolutely necessary that we get as many people down to the occupied park! We especially need a critical mass of people here at 7pm for a solidarity rally, but we also encourage folks to come down at any point in the day.
-Occupy HartfordCT"

Go to this link to learn more: URGENT! Solidarity Rally, Tuesday at 7pm