Saturday, October 22, 2011

In My Own Words: Sustainable Greatness

Mooji is speaking about how he is not an entertainer.  How he has not come to entertain.  He was willing to let go if what he was giving was not being asked for.  And did not my beloved Jesus Christ do the same?  He did not beg for the people to come to hear his truths.  The people knew that they should come and present him with the questions or the hunger to be fed.  

It is not vanity that leads such a thing.  It is the truth, and it is not as colorful as all the other falsehoods and illusions that the physical experience dangles in our faces around the clock.  And it is okay.  There are many levels to experiencing.  

But then there comes a call, a call that we feel compelled to answer.  And the call is unlike any call we have ever heard before.  And we move forward.  Not understanding that which we have nearly unconsciously accepted.  

And when we arrive, and we get a taste, we revel in its awesome perfection.  And we are not used to sustained peace.  And we turn back to that which has been familiar.  Yet...but yet...the call continues to come.  And we are afraid of finding our way to sustaining the original encounter, not knowing that there is nothing to be done, but just be.  To leave all original ideas at the door, and just enter.  It is our most natural Self that awaits.  There is nothing to fear.  Only the idea that we are not good enough to embody this greatness.  

But I tell you, you are only the greatness, and the other experiences are only allowed through the Greatness that gives grace and mercy to the human experience.  The Greatness knows that all is okay.  And since you are of that Greatness, you live the human experience, doing things that somehow you know are okay, even during your moments of intense doubt.  For nothing is allowed that Greatness would not allow.  And Greatness is all.

~MissNikkiAnn, an excerpt from my, October 22, 2011, journal entry