Sunday, October 23, 2011

When Truth and Art Converge by @Dzakyem and @MissNikkiAnn

Below is an artistic audio reading of the post, which is below the Audioboo, I posted on Google+ yesterday.  My dear friend Dzakye from Switzerland is an amazing talent.  You can listen as you read along.

"Google finally barked at me about my name. Ain't that some shyt? I over the pedophiles, why don'tcha. I have a kid. I am a woman who was molested from ages 4 to 9. Do you think I am foolish enough to allow another possibly trauma to occur? Mama didn't raise no fool. 

Google, I really like your products, always have, even have an Android phone. But the day you think you are putting the well-being of me and my family out on Front Street is the day you are officially and finally WRONG. 

Even my nosy government allows for certain protections (try getting something out of a patient's file at a doctor's office or hospital, HIPPA for that azz!) 

Don't you know why phone books lost their luster? People are FINALLY wise enough not to divulge that type of information. Yeah, I know that information is easily searchable on the web nowadays, but the wise among us are working on fixing that atrocity, too, for the sake and safety of the collective society--especially for the vulnerable children of the world. 

And one more thing, I am a paying customer. I buy your products, doesn't that warrant some sort of investment and say in how you handle MY personal information. 

Don't you feel any compassion for your customers? And if compassion is too much to ask for, how about Customer Service? 

Who are you serving? The pedophiles, rapists and serial killers, always happy to find a service that offers its users up for grabs by way of personal information. 

Or do you serve the customer? The people who pay you and trust you to be "humane" enough to know that your requests for this information make us susceptible to irreparable damage, and on its worse day, makes you just like Facebook (and please know, I've never had a Facebook account for these reasons, it was a wise choice). 

So, what's in a name? A hell of a lot! 


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