Monday, August 06, 2007

just finished watching some Karrine TV. my site meter is showing that people who research Karrine's name are coming to my page instead of going directly to **Miss Nikki Ann shrugs her shoulders**

"hi there to all you folks interested in Karrine. i, too, find her to be an interesting woman."

it's been a special day of rest (cleaned up lots of poop) and i'm preparing myself for a ride that i've been long avoiding. today is my last day of rest, tomorrow i'll be venturing into some murky water. so for those whom i actually keep in contact with by phone every other year (y'all know i'm terrible with phone calls) be at ease in knowing that i'm tied up and will be that way for some time (wishing that i could be "tied up" by someone instead of something--yes, i'm talking dirty talk to someone in particular).

so...lots to do and very little guts. and though i'm lacking in guts, i'm willing to put one finger in front of the other to accomplish the task. i've enjoyed--most of the time--doing things for other people, but am now determined to do what i need to do for myself. and though it sounds exciting, it entails so much work and patience that i'd almost like to runaway from it (as i have many times before to many exotic islands, sunbathing and procrastinating my ass off). but i am determined and willing to forgive myself for procrastinating as long as i have.

now i must go and rest so that tomorrow i can't use the "i'm too tired to..." line.

goodnight to you all and may you find the strength to pursue your heart's desires despite how you've failed/disappointed yourself many times before.

i'll chat with you tomorrow.

Miss Nikki Working Her Ass Off Ann