Sunday, August 12, 2007


There are so many things I could say about this short film, but my time is short, so I'll keep it short. Let me just say that this film offers a look at what possibilities lie ahead for this world if we could look at the picture as a whole.

We set off a chain reaction whenever we try to help ourselves. And when helping ourselves from an ego-based standpoint, we merely create other problems. But when helping ourselves from a loving standpoint, we have the opportunity to heal the world. Examine your life in a "syncrhonistic" way. And note how things turned out when you helped yourself from a place of ego instead of a place of love. How many people were affected by your actions? What was the outcome?

Simply: when we do a thing, it WILL and DOES affect more individuals and things than we can fathom in that moment.

My goodness, I'd like to elaborate, there just isn't enough time.