Friday, August 17, 2007

for a minute, let us toy with the idea that any- and everything we ever thought we wanted isn't really what we want or need. just for a minute...

life ain't this or that, it's the other

sometimes, all the material goods we desire cost us time and energy away from a very important and key thing: people

i need more hours, more jobs, and more money so that my family can spend more money and less time together

wow, i love this shirt! so what if i already have 200 shirts and i can only wear one at a time

i've accumulated so much junk that i don't know which item (that when i first purchased it i swore i needed immediately) to use first

all my meals are taken at a restaurant, but i put an expensive pots and pan set on my wedding gift registry

my hair's perfectly cut and groomed, but i dare not cut ties to things that are weighing me down