Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Images From "Thembi & Preston: What Love Looks Like"

So many folks took so many great pics from the wedding and emailed them to me. These photos are courtesy of Tunisia's camera. This is my first time posting anything from the wedding because the event was so huge that I couldn't figure out a way to tackle it. I've decided to post blurbs and pics from time to time. I think it'll be more breathtaking that way than just doing one BIG album where you can't savor each picture. And as I'm now having the time to take a look back at these photos, I am, again, amazed at how handsome of a couple they make. Let us all pray that their love surpasses their youthful beauty (and I know that they hope they can keep both their good looks and their love! LOL).

FYI (for those who don't know)--The wedding was June 17, 2006. It was my brother and sister-in-law's grand day.