Saturday, September 02, 2006


Mom and dad took Sir with them to the grocery store. This gave me about an hour window to do some exploring outdoors. The wind is kicking up due to Tropical Storm Ernesto; it's gorgeous outside. It's about 60 degrees and there's a wonderful, crisp feel to the air (great for your lungs). After I'd made some great finds around the yard, I ran inside to get my camera so that I could share them with youz guys. Here goes:

Do you guys remember this pic I had up some time ago?
Well, mom and I thought this was a squash plant, but overnight it blossomed into these enormous leaves and giant balls. Um, pardon our ignorance, but this is actually a pumpkin patch growing in my father's garden from the pumpkin we threw out last fall! Here's what it looks like today...
If you look closely at the bottom pic, to the left you'll see a second pumpkin.

Here are some other great shots I got this morning...

Sir seems to be inheriting my mom and dad's green thumb. Everyday he runs to get a garden tool, and weeds the herbs around the tree. He's very drawn to the parsley and rosemary (as are the rabbits), and she yells at him all the time for pulling out the herbs instead of the actual weeds! And the rabbits? She doesn't bother them as they munch away at her hardwork. Hey, they've gotta eat too.

Anywho, today mom, dad and I are off to a family members wedding & reception. Sir will be spending the evening with his Auntie LuCiana and her rowdy bunch. Peanut and Thembi are off on some grand adventure. And Tony... He's at work. After that, who knows where he'll be. Gia is hosting a wedding at her house. As for my other Connecticut family members (those who aren't attending the wedding) and friends, I'm hoping they sit back and enjoy the relaxing storm that Ernesto will bring.

And I've finished just in time, as the three bears have just returned home. It's time for this Goldie Locks to sign off.