Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Omacine Buckeye & My Neat-O! Moment

For those following Omacine's journey, there's a new post:
Omacine Buckeye

I had a few minutes and I checked my site meter to see how many hits the blogs are receiving and so forth. I was excited to see that folks are coming from all over to read it: The Philippines, Belgium, Austria, Chile, Switzerland, Germany, Samoa (What up!!!!!!!), Sweden, United Kingdom, Hong Kong & Ireland (a beautiful country I'd like to visit one day). I was also excited to find that if you do a Google search for Nikki Ann, my name blog will turn up on the first page of results. Neat-O! And if you search for Miss Nikki Ann, my blog is the first entry.

After a long day with Sir, something this trivial really excites me. I've gotta get a life.