Friday, September 22, 2006


Let's face it, some days are just like, BLAH. I sit wondering what day of the week it is. I rarely know what day of the week it is! And then something refreshing happens: I stop and stare into Isom's eyes or I get a rib-tickling phonecall from Ang or my mom says something that's too cute and funny or I just LOOK at Peanut and Thembi and laugh or... Yeah, then I realize that life is about these tiny moments. Moments that, once linked together, equal a lifetime. A lifetime of small, intimate moments. Things that most folks won't even know happened in my life; they won't be written about in the newspaper or spoken about at a water cooler. My precious moments.

Speaking of precious moments...

Obviously it was late at night, and I knew I'd smelt something burning. I went outside to find Peanut burning stuff in the backyard. It just didn't seem right--so I had to grab my camera. I looked at him like he was crazy--which he really is. Actually, burning stuff is something my dad and my Uncle Robert Earl do (the southern men they are). It's so sad to see Peanut turning into dad. I bet he never thought it would happen.

And for those who can't view the slide show, here are the pics of the infamous moment.