Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another Outlet

Here's the link to a new endeavor called Miss Nikki Ann's Living Room. This difference between Miss Nikki Ann's House and Miss Nikki Ann's Living Room? Well, this is the whole house, encompassing all aspects and parts of my life and personality, whereas, over at the Living Room, I'll be focusing on only one part of who I am in shorter snippets and anecdotes without any regard to how people feel about it. Here at Miss Nikki Ann's House I try to give four-star treatment, ensuring that the guests are comfortable and not too offended. At Miss Ann's Living Room I won't give a damn about my guests' feelings (which is why there won't be a comments section) or level of comfort (nor will I care about my own). Keeping it crass and simple, the way some things in life are.

FYI: If you're easily offended it may be a good idea to stick to this blog and avoid my new Living Room.

Miss Nikki Ann's Living Room