Monday, September 24, 2007

Living In Meditation

it's like God said to me:

"O0000h! Okay! You want to know what it's like to be me? Well, I have this baby here in the heavens, just waiting for a home. And I'm running on a shortage of parents because everyone is praying for a "good" or "happy" or "well-behaved" child, even though your world needs more than just that; you humans need something more to force you out of your sleepwalking.
I've run out of parents willing to accept anything that doesn't fit into their ideal of what a child should be. The baby I give you will cause you some confusion. Everything that people tell you their babies are doing, will seem contrary to what he is doing. But I tell you this, if you can find the wisdom I've bestowed upon you, and utilize it as patience and understanding, you will then begin to know the kind of love I have to give to my busy, complaining, fussy, cantankerous
ADULT children on earth. Nikki, that's God! That's Me! Loving all of you, having patience with all of you, regardless of your personalities.

You complain about your children, but none of you
ADULTS are a walk in the park. It amuses me how much you ride the backs of children to embody things that you yourselves don't practice. All I ask is that you love this precious child. And if you do so, you will find that all the things you thought were so difficult about him aren't so difficult, and those traits are there to ensure the expansion of your mind and the mind of the people of your world. You are having a child in a time when things are changing. Children are meant to be seen and heard. They are a direct connection to Truth (Truth is Me!). To shut them up and shut them out is to deny Me. Listen and learn from this child. He is a key link to all the wondrous things you desire to embody. Love him. Love him when no one else wants to love him. Love him when he can't find it in himself to love you. In these things, you will grow to know and understand Me. And then you will feel Me, and know Me, in a way you have never before."


tonight before putting Sir to bed, i was overwhelmed with the urge to tell him to come over to me. i knelt down to his height and took his face in my hands. i told him:

"i love you. i love you for who you are. i love you just as you are."

he hugged me for a long time. we just stood there and embraced.

and now i extend that same love to all of you.

"I love you all. I love you for exactly who and what you are today. I love you just the way you are."

Live in Love and Peace Shall Follow.