Sunday, September 09, 2007

Around 1993-94

I was sitting in my dorm room with him (a place where boys weren't permitted to go).

He said: "What do you envision for your future."

I said: "That I will be able to walk into a room and exude an energy that draws people to me without my having to say a word."

Almost a decade later...

My uncle said: "I had a dream about you. You were on a stage in a room filled with people who desperately wanted to get to know you. And I told them with much pride: 'I already know her. That's my niece.'"

Last night...

I had a dream that my maternal grandmother and I were in a kitchen and a woman had come to her for her wisdom and sage advice. I watched closely as the two interacted and the woman felt comforted by my grandmother's energy. I was in awe and yearned for that experience even more so than the glimpses that I've experienced with it thus far.

In this moment...

I look toward something that is neither physically visible or tangible. At times I feel like a mad woman who has lost her mind as I move forward to a place that at this time exists multi-dimensionally. But I follow. It's why I'm here. And I am grateful.