Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It's that time of year again. The time for reflection for those of us under the sign of Libra. And even if you're not one who believes in astrological signs, you must admit that it's hard not to cheer when yours is mentioned.

We are just coming out of the Virgo-Libra Cusp phase and are now entering into the Libra I phase, which started today. My birthday isn't until October 12, so that makes me a Libra III, which means my special won't arrive until the phase II birthdays pass.

Anywho, it is my tradition to spend time in reflection and giving (to myself) during all the phases of Libra. Years ago, I began gifting myself an equal amount of gifts to match however many years old I was turning, which means that this year I must gift myself thirty-two things. Sometimes it's easy, and other times it's hard coming up with so many gift ideas--but these gifts aren't usually material/tangible; this year I'm thinking of gifting myself a fast.

I am just now starting on the list, and the first thing I am gifting to myself is a month away from blogging. I'll still Twitter and Tumblr, so check me out there. **Tumblr is Miss Nikki Ann's Living Room**

And honestly, Spirit led me to gift this to myself because I am worn out. Tired as heck. And being so tired is starting to interfere with the integrity of my work. It is way too easy to let my ego speak when I am writing from a tired mind. Lately I've been second guessing some of my writings on the blog, knowing that I'm too tired to be the "channel" I try to be. You see, though I write for the few of you who drop by, I also write so that I can go back and read the insights that flow from me; I actually learn from my own writings, and I put into practice those things that I write about. And right now, My Truths ain't flowin' right 'cause I am just too tired to stay connected during my writings.

Anywho, the Libra III phase ends on October 19th and then we enter the Libra-Scorpio Cusp, and that lasts through October 25th, with Scorpio I phase starting on October 26th.

So I've got from now until October 19th to ride the Libra energy. And to all of you in the Libra-Scorpio Cusp, I'm willing to celebrate all the way through October 26th with y'all too.

My head is banging. And my ego is waiting for any small window of opportunity to sneak in and cause trouble, so I'm gonna stop here and give myself the rest I've been fighting. When I return, maybe I'll post the remaining 31 gifts that I will have given to myself.

I love y'all.

See you on November 1st!

(Yes, I realize that I'm taking a little over a month off! It's my birthday, and I can do as I please, right?)

Celebrating 32 Entertaining years...

The Birthday Girl,

Miss Nikki Ann